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I used to dream about taking photos for a fashion magazine
or a journal; or making films and documentaries. I still
do. But for now, I'm perfectly content documenting my life.

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“The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly." - Palahniuk

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Switzerland summer 2013
Posted 3 months ago
Posted 6 months ago with 12,801 notes
Tower Bridge, London
Olympus XA3
Posted 6 months ago
I love it when the weather is kind of cool, makes getting dressed a hell of a lot easier.
Throw on any skater skirt in sight, a light jumper and walk out the door.
Posted 8 months ago with 2 notes
Slowly trying to bring some colour into my wardrobe… Black is still the best.
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Posted 9 months ago with 1 note
St. Ives, Cornwall, UK

Don’t hate- taken with my Blackberry camera
Posted 10 months ago with 2 notes
Poncho-wearing weather.
Posted 11 months ago with 3 notes
Cousin blowing up balloons at Swiss National Day
Posted 1 year ago
Michele and Enzo, Manila 2012
Posted 1 year ago with 1 note
My hibernation spot
Posted 1 year ago with 4 notes
My closet and dresser, some old ass furniture
Posted 1 year ago with 1 note
Frosty pipes.
Posted 1 year ago with 1 note
Red gone black. The wall divider in the our little backyard. Laundry strings and laundry clips dusted with snow.
Posted 1 year ago
As I tried to continue my glorious slumber, I was constantly awoken by cold, wet, specks on my face. I thought nothing of it. I realised I had left my window open overnight and woke up to this white scene. 
Brighton, Jan. 18, 2013
Posted 1 year ago with 1 note