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I used to dream about taking photos for a fashion magazine
or a journal; or making films and documentaries. I still
do. But for now, I'm perfectly content documenting my life.

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“The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly." - Palahniuk

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Anonymous: As a brazilian myself, Brazil can't win this game. We are super influenced by football and our current government is shit, in a political point of view now, I don't know if you read about the protests earlier this year here in Brazil, but things are bad, tense and a lot of people are pissed, elections are this year and no one was thinking about this, now we will pay attention to our fucking elections and maybe things will change, maybe. Sorry to put this on you but damn, I am happy for Germany.


I haven’t told my Brazil story in a while so let me tell it again as my response.

A few years ago, I applied as an American to volunteer for the FIFA World Cup. Shortly after, FIFA began running rampant on Brazil from what they were doing to the indigenous people and their land to how they continued their systematic oppression of the poor and the working class in Brazil (alongside the government of course). I kept following and following the protests and then some time later, I was selected by FIFA to volunteer at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. But knowing what I knew, there was absolutely no way I would ever support an organization that has teamed up with a nation’s government in the way FIFA had. I couldn’t volunteer my time, and for free at that, to be a part of the continued and blatant ignorance of the voices and lives of the people, of the working class. I hope the attention does shift after the billions that was invested into the competition because FIFA will be walking away with their pockets full, but the question is, what will the people have? And the answer I hope for is riots, to say the least. Solidarity my Brazilian friend, do not apologize for bringing this to light

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Switzerland summer 2013
Posted 9 months ago
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Tower Bridge, London
Olympus XA3
Posted 1 year ago
I love it when the weather is kind of cool, makes getting dressed a hell of a lot easier.
Throw on any skater skirt in sight, a light jumper and walk out the door.
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Slowly trying to bring some colour into my wardrobe… Black is still the best.
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St. Ives, Cornwall, UK

Don’t hate- taken with my Blackberry camera
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Poncho-wearing weather.
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Cousin blowing up balloons at Swiss National Day
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Michele and Enzo, Manila 2012
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My hibernation spot
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My closet and dresser, some old ass furniture
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Frosty pipes.
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Red gone black. The wall divider in the our little backyard. Laundry strings and laundry clips dusted with snow.
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